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How to build a complex page layouts?

Beaver Builder

The theme is fully compatible with the best WordPress page builder plugin, Beaver Builder. The theme demo content was built with free Beaver Builder Lite Version, but upgrading to a Pro version of the plugin gives you much more control over your website layout and behavior and ease the repetitive tasks with templating functionality.

What page builder modules you'll get out of the box?

Native Modules

All the core Beaver Builder modules depending on a plugin version you are using.

WM Accordion

Displays collapsible content panels for presenting information in a limited amount of space. This module offers a handy filtering useful for FAQ sections.

WM Button

Displays beautifully styled buttons on your website. You can set a button URL, icon, color, size, alignment and width.

WM Call to Action

This module is a handy marketing tool to provide instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response.

WM Content Module

This module will display Content Modules posts on the website. You can use it to display your business services for example.

WM Divider / Gap

Displays a horizontal bordered divider or an empty space gap of a specific size.

WM Message

Displays colored message box with optional icon. You can choose whatever icon you want to display in the message and set the color.

WM Posts / Custom Posts

This is very universal module used to display any content type. You can use it to display a Staff posts or a blog posts carousel, for example.

WM Table

Displays a table from a CSV data that you've exported from Excel or similar spreadsheet software.

WM Tabs

A single content area with multiple panels, each associated with a header in a list. You can choose a position of the tabs and even create a features tour.

WM Testimonials

Displays a list of Testimonials posts with an image and author details. You can categorize and filter these testimonials.

WordPress Widgets

You can also use all the WordPress widgets, whether native ones or added with your theme or plugin.

If you need more premium Beaver Builder native modules, templating functionality,
WordPress multisite support or white labeling, please upgrade the plugin to a premium version.